Premium Portable Toilet Accessories

CALLAHEAD is renowned for supplying the most up-to-date equipment and products in the portable sanitation industry.

New Yorkers recognize that CALLAHEAD has the best portable toilets, restroom trailers, portable sinks, porcelain toilet systems and guard sheds rentals available. They also know we have the most accessories available to accompany every piece of equipment, so they receive the optimum level of service for their rental.

CALLAHEAD's accessories are always carefully selected by our team of experts who are out in the field listening to our customers. Our goal is to provide users on the job site or at a special event the same benefits provided in indoor restrooms.

CALLAHEAD goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality porta potty accessories for sanitary protection and convenience, so our customers always have a pleasant experience using our products.

CALLAHEAD’s accessories are unparalleled throughout the portable sanitation industry. During our many years in the field we have always been focused on the needs and requests of our customers. This has helped us in the development of the most comprehensive accessories list available. Our accessories provide our clients with a complete package when using our equipment. We offer accessories for ultimate sanitary protection, convenience as well as style. Some of our accessories include our Headliner toilet seat covers, antiseptic, soap and towel dispensers, air conditioners, heaters, Braun hot water heaters, awnings, lights, locks, lifting hoists and our Headmist air freshener.

We understand that using the restroom is one of the most personal necessities in our lives. Without certain items for proper hygiene, such as the ability to wash your hands, is a basic necessity for our health. Even the absence of simple toilet seat cover to protect from wetness on the seat will make use of public restrooms very unpleasant, unsanitary and uncomfortable. CALLAHEAD takes pride in not only developing our equipment but making changes to our industry that sets the standard others attempt to imitate. The same holds true for our GUARD SHEDS and GUARD BOOTHS. We feel that security GUARD BOOTHS should be at a minimum equipped with air conditioners and heaters. So those protecting our property can do so safely and comfortably. Shielding your security guards from exposure to extreme heat and frigid cold weather will help eliminate sick time off in addition to high turnover of your employer. It is caring about our customers who care about their employees and guests that make us stand out above the rest. All of our accessories are of the highest quality and are 100% maintained by CALLAHEAD.

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