• Height: 49" 
  • Width: 17" 
  • Depth: 28" 
  • Counter height: 36" 
  • Counter area (each): 17"x12" 
  • Box dimensions: 18.5"W x 30.75"L x 49.5"H 
  • Weight: 70 lbs. 
  • Fresh water capacity: 24 gallons 
  • Gray water capacity: 24 gallons
  • Color: gray
  • Material: polyethylene 
  • Approximate number of uses: 285


  • Foot operated pump to provide immediate water stream for hands-free washing.
  • Ample space for hand to elbow washing.
  • Two large double fold towel lockable dispensers 
  • Two high capacity spray soap dispensers. 
  • Large cutout foot pumps, making it comfortable to fit even a heavy work boot. 
  • Two hard-sided 24 gallon water tanks for fresh and gray water that are well sealed for peace of mind from contamination. 
  • Fresh water tank is easily removed for regular sanitizing and allows you to use chlorine tablets to kill harmful bacteria for superior hygiene. 
  • Small enough to maneuver into small spaces yet durable for tough jobs. 
  • Vandal resistant design. 
  • Available for Day, Week or Monthly Rental which includes fresh water, hand soap and hand towels with refills as needed. 
  • No waterlines needed for fresh clean water.