The BEACHHEAD Restroom is a special event portable toilet that delivers a VIP experience you will be proud to rent, and your guests will love to use. The name comes from the military term "beachhead" which is the temporary line when soldiers reached a landing beach by sea to defend the area. In fact, beachheads were essential in military operations in World War II and Vietnam. As a "thank you" to the brave men and women who served our nation, with every BEACHHEAD Restroom rental CALLAHEAD will donate 20% of all proceeds to a charity supporting our veterans and troops of the United States Military.


DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Material – Polyethylene • Portable toilets exterior color – gray porta potty with American Flag with a soldier silhouette specialty designed CALLAHEAD signage • Translucent roof for added natural light • Portable toilets exterior height – 90" • Weight – 245 lbs. • Urinal lip height – 23" • Port a potty's exterior width – 44" • Overall depth of portable restroom- 48" • Door opening – 76" Height x 24.5" Width • Toilet seat height – 20.5" • Holding tank volume - 70 gallons • Handwashing sinks holding tank – 9.7 gallons • Average number of uses – 125

DESIGN FEATURES & ACCESSORIES: Toilet's flush system foot operated pump for hands free operation • Fresh water flushing toilet • Portable restrooms hand washing sink has hand to elbow washing capability • Hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free operation • Antibacterial Soap Dispenser is installed inside the luxurious BEACHHEAD Restroom is filled with CALLAHEAD's antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Our antibacterial soap meets OSHA and Health Department requirements for great hygienic protection • Filled hand towel dispenser • Triple roll covered toilet paper dispenser • Elongated comfortable toilet seat • Translucent roof for bright natural light • Battery operated interior light located inside the high-end porta potty for night and evening use even when there is no electric hook up available • Mirror located inside portable toilet • Lockable door inside the port a potty to guarantee privacy • Occupancy sign located on the outside of the portable restrooms door • Portable toilet has ceiling and floor vents for excellent ventilation to eliminate odors • Coat and hat hook located in the interior • Headliner Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is installed inside this upscale portable restroom filled with 250 toilet seat covers so every user will have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener is installed inside this luxurious porta potty that will release a clean, fresh scent automatically • Flowers/ Floral Arrangement are delivered with the BEACHHEAD Restroom premium portable restroom • "CALLAHEAD" signature signage on the exterior walls emulates to your guests the highest quality honoring the United State Armed Forces