Portable Toilet Pump Trucks

All of CALLAHEAD's trucks are kept in pristine condition and are always purchased brand new.

We service our trucks regularly and clean them daily so you will never have an old dirty truck coming to your delivery or service location. We have chosen silver and white to give a clean and shiny look, so our customers can see the cleanliness of our vehicles, and they are never embarrassed to have one of our trucks on their jobsite.

Such as our fresh water delivery trucks, they have never had anything but fresh water inside them. Since we purchased these trucks brand new we can say that confidently.

We have our trucks equipped with the most advanced GPS systems so that every delivery and service technician has their full routes downloaded every day to ensure timely deliveries and service of your equipment.

We understand that the portable toilet you rent represents you. CALLAHEAD trucks are the cleanest and most reliable service trucks so you are guaranteed timely service and will never have a beat up old jalopy arriving on your jobsite. CALLAHEAD vehicles are just a part of what makes us the only perfectionist portable sanitation company in all of New York.

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