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Service areas are: NY City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester counties.

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The AQUAHEAD is a CALLAHEAD New York short-term portable toilet rental. This traditional porta potty will deliver sanitary outdoor restroom facilities to any New York special event, while also providing a tropical flare to any venue.

The AQUAHEAD’s Caribbean sea coloring and CALLAHEAD designed specialty tranquil beach signage, was created to supply a refreshing alternative to any social gathering in need of outdoor porta potties. This is a full sized standard portable restroom rental that offers your guests private portable bathroom facilities with hospital grade cleanliness. When even the most discriminating guests see you’ve provided a CALLAHEAD, they will feel confident they are using the best portable toilets available anywhere.

The AQUAHEAD is a perfect New York outdoor porta potty to rent for private house parties, barbeques, parks, beaches, pools, and marine locations. This is a standard size New York portable toilet rental with a very roomy interior. There is a full sized toilet seat and conveniently placed covered dual toilet paper dispenser. The separate non-splash urinal is placed at the furthest distance from the toilet seat and away from users’ direct sight. The urinal drains down the porta potty’s vent pipe, which prevents unwanted tank odors from lingering inside the restroom.


The following is the detailed design specifications for the AQUAHEAD New York port a john rental.  If you have any additional questions regarding this port a potty’s design specifications please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist:
Portable Toilets Construction/Material – High Density Polyethylene • Translucent Roof • Port a Potty’s Weight - 164 lbs. • Exterior Height - 88" • Porta potty’s Interior Height – 85” • Porta John’s Exterior Base 44" width x 48" depth • Portable Toilet’s Door Opening – 73” x 24” • Portable Restroom’s Floor Space – 41” x 21” • Toilet Seat Height – 18” • Vent Stack – 4” PVC Plastic • Porta Potty’s Holding Tank Volume – 70 Gallons • Color – Aqua • CALLAHEAD’s Specialty Designed Caribbean Beach signage on all four exterior walls of the portable toilet.

The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the AQUAHEAD New York porta john rental.  This traditional portable toilet has all the necessary features for public restroom use with the convenience of a fully mobile short-term portable toilet rental:  

Door hasp • Covered paper holder filled with CALLAHEAD toilet paper • Separate urinal • Translucent roof for bright natural light • Elongated comfortable toilet seat • Occupancy Sign visible to others waiting to use the port a potty • Door is spring loaded self-closing high density polyethylene • Interior lock on port a potty’s door to ensure privacy • Portable toilet has excellent ventilation to eliminate odors • CALLAHEAD New York custom Caribbean sea signage on the exterior walls of the portable toilet to add to your events décor while displaying the highest quality and cleanest portable toilets available anywhere.

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