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Rent 23 EuroHead Toilets

The EUROHEAD is CALLAHEAD's New York short-term portable restroom rental to accommodate any special event. The EUROHEAD is a German made porta potty that will deliver clean and sanitary restroom facilities when you need it.

With its distinct European design and CALLAHEAD's artistic signage that was created especially for the EUROHEAD, it also brings a European flair to any setting. This is a standard size portable restroom equipped with a full-size toilet seat, separate urinal, and dual covered toilet paper dispenser.

Because this porta potty is a CALLAHEAD brand, guests will appreciate that you have provided them with the world's best portable restroom facilities. Whether your gathering is a large catered event or an intimate special gathering, the EUROHEAD will supply guests with privacy and comfort.

The EUROHEAD's spring loaded door locks from the inside and activates the exterior occupancy sign so every user feels confident of a private trip to the restroom. The EUROHEAD has a very spacious interior along with an exterior that is sure to add style to any setting.

The exterior CALLAHEAD signage elegantly displays images of "Water Lilies" by Claude Monet and "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. Only CALLAHEAD turns a human necessity into works of art. It is just another way CALLAHEAD delivers the highest value to our customers.


Price per RENTAL DAYS:
1 : $2,530     2 : $2,530     3 : $2,530     4 : $2,530     5 : $2,875     6 : $2,875     7 : $2,875     8 : $2,875     9 : $2,875     10 : $3,105     11 : $3,105     12 : $3,105     13 : $3,105     14 : $3,105     15 : $3,335     16 : $3,335     17 : $3,335     18 : $3,335     19 : $3,335     20 : $3,335     21 : $3,335    
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