Rent 20 Hand Basin Sinks

Callahead Corp.

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Service areas are: NY City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester counties.

Note: The full delivery address is collected later.

If Grass, Sand, Gravel, unit must be within 10 feet of HARD surface, and hard surface must be less than 30 feet from our delivery truck.


The HAND BASIN is CALLAHEAD’s versatile stand-alone handwashing system which is the perfect solution for smaller job sites or special events. No matter how small your job or event, regulatory enforcement may require you to have handwashing capabilities even if you don’t have running water available. The HAND BASIN system offers all the features necessary for sanitary handwashing in a compact unit for those smaller jobs and events, or when limited space is available. Its lightweight but rugged construction makes this unit durable to handle tough jobs while still being easily transported to fit smaller spaces. The HAND BASIN has a 24 gallon fresh water tank and a gray water tank, ideal to suit small jobs.

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